Auvidea JN30D-TX2 NVIDIA Jetson Nano

The Auvidea JN30D-TX2 requires flashing via a USB-C cable using the jetson-flash utilities from balena.

Boot device into recovery mode

We need to put the device into recovery mode. This is done by first locating the ​J32​ pin block on the top of the board. The header block consists of 2 x 4 through hole copper contacts. Header #1 is marked by being square instead of round. To trigger the device to go into recovery mode one must short pins marked FR for "Force Recovery" on the backside of the board.

Once that is done, connect the device to your machine via USB-C and it should boot into recovery mode.


Please check this video to see how to boot the device into recovery mode. Please make sure that the connection between the FR pins is working properly (e.g. by pressing gently on the the cable contacts while resetting the device).


Board revisions might have different pin layouts

Be sure that the pins that are shorted are marked FR (Force Recovery) in the back of the board. The pin layout might depend on the revision model you have

Flashing the Device

First, you'll need to setup the jetson-flash utility on your machine. You only need to run these next three steps when you get a new version of the DeepCore software.

  1. Download the OS flash file jetson_flash_nx.tar.gz
  2. Extract this file in your computer
  3. Navigate to the newly extracted folder cd /path/to/extracted/folder/deepcore-images
  4. Load the utility into docker using sudo docker load -i jetson_flash_nx.tar

Now that the utility is setup, you can simply connect and flash different devices, by following these steps:

  1. Connect the Auvidea JN30D-TX2 with a USB cable to your computer
  2. Run the jetson-flash utility with docker run --rm -it --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb jetson-flash-nx:latest

You can now reboot your Auvidea board and await for the system to boot up.