Setting up Aivero services on Router

In an air-gapped setup we want the router to be able to resolve some domains that pertain to Aivero's services. In this guide we will configure them.

In the following guide we will setup:

  • Static DHCP for the server's IP - this allows for a stable server IP, so that it doesn't change.
  • Static DNS entry - this allows for any machine that connects to the router to be able to resolve the server's domain (e.g. ds.aivero.lan).
  • NTP Server address which guarantees device-to-device synchronization for the router connected devices.

Step 1 - Setup server static DHCP entry.

  • In a router connected machine, access in your browser and login using the user configured credentials (login admin and empty password in our case).

  • On the vertical menu on the left got to IP > DHCP Server.

  • On the tabs on the top of the page click on Leases.

  • Then click on your server's IP.

  • Then click on Make Static on the top of the page.

  • Click Close and verify your server is not marked D for dynamic on the second column, anymore.

Step 2 - Setup Static DNS entry

Now that you server's IP is static let's allow for all machines that connect to this router to be able to resolve it from your chose domain name (in our case, and for this guide's purpose, we will use ds.aivero.lan but you should do this for every URL in the list further below).

  • On the vertical menu on the left please select IP > DNS.

  • Then click Static on top of the page.

  • Now please click Add New.

  • Please fill in the Regexp field with a regular expression that uses your chosen domain suffix (if you chose ds.aivero.lan this should be ^.*aivero\.lan$) and server IP in the Address field. Then click Apply and Ok.

All newly connected machines will be able to resolve your server's domain from the router.

Step 3 - Setup NTP Server entry

Now, let's setup the networks NTP (network time protocol) server in order to guarantee device to device synchronization.

  • First, select System > NTP Server from the vertical menu on the left.

  • Then toggle the options Enabled and Broadcast. On the the Broadcast Address please input and click Apply.

  • Now select System > NTP Client from the vertical menu on the left.
  • Toggle the options Enabled and input your server in the NTP Servers field.
  • Finally click Apply.

And done! Now please unplug and re-plug your machine's Ethernet cable.

You have setup the router in order to run Aivero's services. You can close the window and move on to the server install.