Selecting a camera

Picking the perfect camera for your recording task depends on a multitude of reasons:

  • The type of stream
    • Infrared
    • Colour
    • Depth
  • The desired frame rate
  • The resolution of the camera
  • The size of the camera
  • Or even its price tag!

Therefore, Aivero provides support to different cameras, which are presented below. The cameras are divided into two categories, 2D capable only and 3D capable cameras.

2D Capable Supported Cameras

These types of cameras can only capture 2D data streams, such as a webcam.

For the context of the Aivero recording ecosystem, it is advised that for recording cases requiring only 2D perception, either a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 or a Raspberry Pi Camera HQ is used.

Fig.1.1 - Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2.(source)
Fig.1.2 - Raspberry Pi Camera HQ.(source)

In the shortest description possible, the differences between these two cameras boils down to a balance of resolution vs frame rate.

NameSensor resolutionMax recording resolutionMax sampling rate
Camera Module 23280×2464p1920x1080p@47FPS640×480p@206FPS
Camera HQ4056x3040p2028x1080p@50FPS1332x990p@120FPS

A more comprehensive set of specifications can be found on the official Raspberry Pi documentation.

3D Capable Supported Cameras

These types of cameras are capable of capturing both 2D and 3D data streams. In general a setup with this type of capability implies higher costs, both on the camera, and the stream processing Edge device. This happens since 3D capable cameras output multiple streams at the same time, which need to be processed in order to form the depth data necessary for 3D reconstructions of a scene.

Currently Aivero supports the following 3D capable cameras from the Intel Realsense series: D415, D435, and D455.

Fig.2.1 - Intel Realsense D415.(source)
Fig.2.2 - Intel Realsense D435.(source)
Fig.2.3 - Intel Realsense D455.(source)
NameMaximum Colour ResolutionMaximum Depth ResolutionMinimum Depth Distance @ 424x240pMinimum Depth Distance @ 1280x720p
Realsense D4151920x1080p@30FPS1280x720p@30FPS160mm450mm
Realsense D4351920x1080p@30FPS1280x720p@30FPS105mm280mm
Realsense D4551280x800p@30FPS1280x720p@30FPS180mm520mm

A more comprehensive set of specifications can be found on the official Intel Realsense documentation.