Getting Started

Getting started

The Aivero Python Interface / Aivero Python SDK allows you to interact with the compressed video data captured using the Aivero system.

Make sure to check out the Installation to get your system ready.

Step by step guide

For step-by-step guides on how to achieve certain tasks consider these recipes:

Python SDK / Samples

If you want to integrate Aivero data handling into your own Python workflows, check out the Using the sample scripts


The samples will become a Python SDK soon

At this point in time the Aivero Python Interface is a collection of python scripts meant to be an example for further development by you, the user.

In the near future we will start converting them into a more classical Python SDK.

Until then it may be required to edit the python scripts to achieve the intended outcome. Read carefully.

What’s Next

Check out the Recipes or try our Samples