Selecting an Edge device

Currently, Aivero supports some specific hardware from the NVIDIA Jetson family of edge devices, and the Raspberri Pi 3B & 4B. Below, you can find a short description of each of the devices supported and links to the documentation on how to set them up, in order to connect a camera to a Deepserver:

Raspberry Pi 3B & 4B

Raspberry Pi devices are light weight computing units that allow for the recording of 2D data. This process can be done with a camera such as the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2, a Raspberry Pi Camera HQ, or a single RGB/Infrared stream from the Realsense cameras.

Auvidea JN30D NVIDIA Jetson TX2-NX/NANO

The Auvidea JN30D is a carrier board for Jetson devices, supporting both the NVIDIA Jetson TX2-NX and Nano compute units. These two pieces of hardware, even though compatible with the same carrier board, support different amounts of cameras concurrently and offer different performances.

Aetina N510 TX2

The Aetina N510 is a carrier board for Jetson TX2 compute units. Out of the supported edge devices, this one offers the best performance, when compared to the ones stated above.

A comparison of the capabilities of the different supported Edge devices is presented on the table below.

Edge deviceConcurrent camerasAI PerformanceInternal StorageRAM
RPi 3B1N/AN/A Requires SD card1GB
RPi 4B1N/AN/A Requires SD card1/2/3/4/8GB
Jetson NANO(Up to) 4 cameras472GFLOPS16GB4GB
Jetson TX2-NX(Up to) 5 cameras1.33TFLOPS16GB4GB
Jetson TX2(Up to) 6 cameras1.33TFLOPS32GB8GB