Camera and Deepcore Management

Here we will show how you can manage cameras and Deepcores available in your system.

List Available Deepcores

Figure 1

Figure 1

By clicking in the Deepcores​ tab we are brought to the Deepcore Overview​ page, which lists the Deepcore devices registered in your

If the Deepcore icon presents a green dot, it means that this Deepcore is online and connected to the system. However if it presents a red dot, it means that this Deepcore device is currently offline and not available. A yellow dot then indicates that a camera is currently recording.

We can also access and edit some basic information by interacting with the buttons marked in red in Figure 1.

Currently, it is possible to see general information about the Deepcore device, see currently connected cameras to the Deepcore device, add an identifying note to the Deepcore device and edit general information via key-value tags.

List Available Cameras

Figure 2

Figure 2

By clicking in the Cameras​ tab we are brought to the camera Overview​ page, which lists all cameras connected to Deepcores.

If the camera icon presents a green dot, it means that this camera is connected and ready to be used. However if it presents a red dot, it means that this camera used to be connected to the system, but it is not available currently, so please make sure that the camera is correctly connected to a working Deepcore device.

By clicking the cogwheel icon marked in the red in Figure 2, you can edit some basic information on each camera, and then preview it by clicking the information icon.

Preview a Camera

If you see a green dot in the camera item, you are ready to inspect the stream. You might notice that the camera icon in not greyed out anymore (in red in Figure 2).

If you click either that icon or the picture of the camera, you will see the following menu.

Figure 4

Figure 4

Here you can:

  1. Choose which mode to run (e.g. color).
  2. Set the camera frame rate.
  3. Set the allowed bit rate.
  4. Set the streams resolution.
  5. Finally, run the selected mode (e.g preview the color stream).

Not all options are available for every mode, and some modes have more options than others, however you should always be able to preview the different streams, one at a time.

To stop a running camera please click the Close and Stop​ button.

Fleet information, filtering and sorting

Figure 5

At the top of the page (marked red in Figure 4), one can also find the following functionalities that are available for both cameras and Deepcores:

  • A search field for filtering out cameras/Deepcores based on their name.
  • A sort button to sort cameras/Deepcores based on their meta data (e.g. camera type).
  • A filter button to filter out cameras/Deepcores based on their meta data (e.g. camera type).
  • A quick overview of all cameras and Deepcores that summarizes their current status (Figure 6).
Figure 6

Adding a camera

In order to add a supported camera, you need only to connect it to a registered Deepcore device. Then it should show up in you connected cameras list (see Figure 2).