Installation of Server

Server Installation

In order to install the Deepserver in your machine, you must be running Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04.

First, you must download the compressed file provided by Aivero e.g.:


The file contains the contents of the Deepserver and scripts used to install said contents. Please extract the contents to your machine (e.g. your '$HOME' folder).

To run the installation, open a terminal window in the folder where these files are located, and type in the following command:


With that done, you must wait a moment while system updates and dependencies are installed. After some time, an install wizard will show up and welcome you to the installation process.

By pressing the start button, general information and warnings from the installation procedure will be shown to you.

After reading the shown paragraph, you will be navigated to the next page. Here you must introduce the local IP address of your computer and the domain where you wish to access the Deepserver from on your browser.

You will then be informed that the installation is about to begin.

The progress of the installation will be presented to you through the progress bar.

Finally, you will be shown the last page of the installation, where the wizard informs you of the success or failure of the installation.

Please reboot the machine after finishing the installation.

That's it! Your Deepserver can now be accessed after a few minutes on Firefox or Chrome, under the previously introduced domain. Happy recordings! :smile: