Overview of Aivero On-prem

This section covers the on-prem air-gapped deployment of Aivero's Deepserver.

Some users would like to run the server in and air-gapped setup due to privacy, compliance or other concerns.

Aivero provides a deployment version where the system runs completely air-gapped. However in order to achieve this, some setup steps are needed, both in respect to network and server requirements.

Network Router

In order to establish connections between the Deepserver and edge devices (camera devices) we need to setup a network between the devices.

In the air-gapped version of our system this is achieved by connecting both the edge devices and Deepserver to the same router and configuring it accordingly.

You can find more about this and how to set it up in Network Router Setup


The Deepserver sits at the center of the Aivero system.

It provides the user with a web based interface for control of the video recordings, cameras and the captured recordings. It receives and stores the compressed 2D and 3D video data sent from the DeepCore devices.

The server can be installed following Aivero's instructions at Deepserver Install