How to go about using the beautiful data you recorded.

So you have just successfully recorded your first video. Congratulations!

This section describes

  • how data is accessed
  • how to sample your data
  • how the data can be annotated
  • how you can train a model

Data storage and formats

Storage location

On-prem DeepServer

By default DeepServer stores files to the recordings subfolder. If you followed the installation instructions this will be at /opt/aivero/ds/recordings


Link to server installation

Native file format and folder structure

Your local DeepServer stores data locally using a custom .mkv based video format in a nested folder structure.

The recording session folder contains a folder for every camera of the recording session. Each camera folder contains a set of.mkv files, which contain consecutive chunks of video. Every single file contains data of all selected video streams.

You can inspect the video files using VLC and switch between the contained video streams.